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City of Greenville
City of Greenville

Job Location: Greenville, SC
Job Type: Full Time
Department: PUBLIC WORKS

$25,563.00 - $38,355.00 Annually



Job Type

Full Time



Job Number



12/22/2017 11:59 PM Eastern

Job Description

Brief Description of the Job:
As part of a two person team will be responsible for monitoring nine parking facilities using CCTV and parking software. Respond to emergencies and dispatch personnel. Collect daily revenues from pay in lane equipment, restock coins, and assist with revenue verification. Rove all parking facilities, monitor the equipment for proper operation, and restock pay in lanes as necessary during shift. Handle various equipment problems that may occur, make necessary repairs of gates and ticket dispensers as needed. During off duty hours assist as lead for events. Call center person will monitor CCTV and respond to customers via call boxes. Attempt to prevent gate breaks, tailgating, etc. If unable to prevent, secure information for enforcement of offenses. Monitor parking software for monthly customer problems and revenue communication. Assist monthly customers as needed. Re-establish communication to revenue if necessary. Monitor the monthly gate communications. Field person will respond to customers as needed, patrol parking facilities and address any problems immediately. Make repairs to equipment as needed including elevators, fire systems, pay stations, gates, spitters, etc. First shift team will collect revenues from pay stations M-F and restock coins. Second shift will transport hoppers to facilities and secure in safes for next day or as needed. Assist with events as needed either as a lead at a specified location or as a supervisor for entire event.

Job Duties

Essential Functions:
Monitor Facilities/Customer Service (45%): Train general public on usage of pay stations. Assist them as needed via call boxes or in field. Be proactive by constantly monitoring the exits and call out to customers who appear to have difficulty. This will prevent backups and help the traffic remain constant. During traffic backups assist customers either by processing the tickets/monies in pay station, flat rating or raising the gates and dumping the traffic using best judgment. If multiple backups dispatch all personnel including self, transfer call boxes to cell phone to ensure continual communication with all locations. Monitor nine facilities using CCTV: monitor pay station exits at all times, assist customers as needed, address issues before they become problems. Watch entrance and exits for broken gates, tailgating, driving around gate arms. If you cannot prevent these issues secure video, capture the snapshots and save to appropriate sites, input into CityWorks and document in EOS report. Dispatch appropriate personnel to problem sites (security/police for fighting, DUI, speeding, partying, accidents, etc.) Field personnel: monitor facilities for traffic flow, perform elevator checks including emergency phones, walk stairwells, perform random roving of facilities on foot, assist customers with issues, directions, emergencies, lost vehicles. Monitor AmanoMcGann IPARC Professional Software: monitor card access particularly during know mass exits and be prepared to raise gates via the appropriate software or dispatch field personnel. Monitor revenue for any communication issues and re-establish if necessary. Monitor credit card server issues and address immediately either by on site visit to location,

remote into server to determine where the issue is or contact supervisor. When you have a communication failure of CCTV re-establish as quickly as possible. If unable to, contact supervisor or IT immediately. If you have a catastrophic communication failure reset the Hatteras or contact supervisor immediately. During any power losses prepare to raise all gate arms manually and monitor the situation until resolved. If not resolved by end of shift be prepared to stay as long as necessary. Anticipate potential problems and address them either by calling out to customers via the call boxes or dispatching appropriate personnel whether field person, supervisor, security or police by monitoring the CCTV. Always have the appropriate cameras on the monitor depending on shift to enable you to accomplish this. This is also accomplished by field person patrolling facilities either on foot or in vehicle. Use safety precautions at all times and be sure your team mates always know where you are for your safety. Issue citations for offenses in facilities after enforcement has left for the evening. During events assist staff as needed, address customer concerns, assist with traffic congestion, train event staff. Log all calls into Cityworks and submit to the appropriate personnel to allow for any necessary follow up and/or tracking of the problem calls. Take detailed notes during shift both in call center and field for input into EOS report, submit to next shift, supervisor and GM.

Repair and Preventative Maintenance of Equipment (39%): Pay Station Preventative Maintenance: daily check pay stations for jams, obstructions, paper levels, hopper/validator/bill acceptor operation, clean as necessary. Weekly perform all necessary PM on Sunday on the pay stations. This includes cleaning all parts, use WD40 on hopper slides, rebooting, and checking all parts. Hotel encoders/MVE Preventative Maintenance: perform all necessary PM weekly. Repairs: make all simple repairs to gates, spitters, hotel encoders, pay stations, MVE as needed. If unable to make repairs create Cityworks to Maintenance Supervisor. Reset fire/burglary panels as necessary. If fire, respond to calls and address the issue if able (clean smoke heads, carbon monoxide heads), reset elevators if down and reset fire panel after repaired. If unable, contact on call personnel. During any loss of communication to facilities; re-establish communication, reset Hatteras, reboot facility pcs, manually open gate arms. Test all equipment as needed. Reset hotel encoders, pay stations, hotel readers, communication boards, gates, emergency phones, and elevators. During multiple issues be able to prioritize problems and address them in the order of importance (i.e.: problems at Church, Commons, Poinsett, N Laurens at 5pm on Sunday determine which as the higher priority based on known parameters of what is happening in that facility.) Make multiple checks on pay station during shift for obstructions, jams, coin and bill levels, proper operation, credit card ability and keep in normal operation to prevent revenue loss and customer service issues.

Money Handling (10%): Collect any event monies/bags in facility safes. Collect monies from WW pay box weekday mornings. Transport revenues to main office and secure in office safe. Refill coin hoppers if first safe has not completed and distribute to facility safes. Take any receipts/reports to 4th floor, City Hall. Distribute event bags with funds to facilities prior to start of events as needed. During traffic back ups be prepared to flat rate customers out with flat rate funds to empty facility quicker. Secure all funds and email Account Technician of funds. Monitor the money levels in pay stations at various times during a shift to maintain proper levels. Change out hoppers as necessary. If more than once during a shift secure additional change outs in PC bags with documentation and secure in Main safe. Email Account Technician of funds.

Event Parking (4%): Lead for events: check facility for set up of barrels, barricades, cones, check elevators and emergency phones, prepare for staffing by assigning staff to their assigned locations prior to arrival and prepare the bags, verify petty cash. Begin selling tickets once facility is set up. When staff arrives give them their assignments and once they have begun working stop selling tickets and begin monitoring the facility and supervising staff. Make money drops as needed throughout event, give breaks, handle customer issues, continue to monitor elevators and stairwells, do not allow any tailgating parties. Continue to monitor facility during arrival of customers. If near capacity prepare for closure and close if necessary. Have staff tally up and secure their funds in safe. Allow staff to take 30 minute breaks if applicable. Continue to sell tickets if closure has not happened up to two hours after event has begun for late arrivals. When event end is near prepare facility for exit and place staff as needed. Exit traffic to street in cooperation with police. Once complete take down the set up and put the facility back into normal operation. Event supervisor: during major events you will supervise event staff and multiple facilities as assigned by your supervisor. Assist staff with traffic flow, change, breaks, monitor spaces, handle all issues with customers, facility and staff. Note any closures of facilities (when and how many times), how many tickets sold, problems in facilities or streets, how exiting went and general observations. Document in a detailed EOS report for after action report by Manager.

Administrative Duties (2%): Process validation ticket orders as needed. Keep Mass Validation Encoder cleaned, change ribbons as needed and tickets. Inventory supplies for call center/pay stations and submit request to Office Manager. Run the credit card settlement statements after midnight M-F and scan to OMB. Assist with data entry of revenues into AmanoMcGann, spreadsheets. Assist CCM with parking offenses by preparing letters and citations and inputting into T2 as necessary.

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Physical Demands
Overall Strength Demands: Heavy strength demands include exerting 50-100 pounds occasionally, 25-50 pounds frequently, or from 10 up to 20 pounds constantly.

Physical Demands: Continuously requires standing, fine dexterity, reaching, handling, vision, foot controls, hearing, twisting, and talking. Frequently requires walking, lifting, carrying, sitting, kneeling, and pushing/pulling. Occasionally requires climbing, balancing, bending, and crouching. Rarely requires crawling.

Machines, Tools, Equipment, and Work Aids: Hand tools, electric tools, vehicles, gates, spitters, elevators, pay stations, fire/burglary panels, fax, copier, hotel encoders, smoke detectors, card readers, communication boards, TC converters, mini vacs, mass validation encoder, and bill and coin counter.

Computer Equipment and Software: PC, printer, scanner, Microsoft office aps, AmanoMcGann IPARC Professional, Bosch control center (for cameras), T2 (enforcement software), CityWorks, VNC and other remote access software, and HTE.

Working Conditions
Overall Working Conditions: Satisfactory: Occasional exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards.

Environmental Factors: Daily exposure to extreme temperature, wetness and/or humidity, respiratory hazards, noise and vibration, and physical hazards.
Health and Safety: Constant exposure to communicable diseases and physical danger or abuse (intoxicated/abusive persons). Occasional exposure to mechanical hazards, chemical hazards, and electrical hazards. Rare exposure to fire hazards.

Primary Work Location: Office Environment, Vehicle, and Outdoors (Parking Facilities).

Protective Equipment Required: Safety vests and wands.

Non-Physical Demands
Frequently requires time pressures, emergency situations, frequent change of tasks, irregular schedule/overtime, performing multiple tasks simultaneously, working closely with others as part of a team, tedious or exacting work, and noisy/distracting environment.


Job Requirements
Formal Education: High school diploma plus six months to one year of advanced study or training in supervision of call center and staff and/or customer service is required.

Experience: Over one year of experience with computer skills using Access database, Outlook and knowledge of parking operations. At least one year of experience in customer service skills. Will need to be able to effectively communicate with a variety of customers in sometime difficult situations and maintain composure as well as be a skilled ambassador for the City. Call center or surveillance/dispatch experience preferred.

Driver`s License Required: Class D South Carolina license.

Certifications and Other Requirements: None.

Job Demands
Reading: Intermediate Level: Ability to read papers, periodicals, journals, manuals, policies, dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias.

Math: Basic Level: Ability to perform the four basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

Writing: Intermediate Level: Ability to write reports, prepare business letters, summaries, meeting minutes, and emails using proper format, punctuation, spelling, and grammar, using all parts of speech.

Human Collaboration Skills: Work requires regular and routine interaction involving exchange and receipt of information. Work has a high impact on the organization. External contacts include general public and vendors. Internal contacts include assisting with parking access.

Management and Supervision: Job has no responsibility for the direction or supervision of others.

Technical Skill: Basic skill: Work requires the use of standard technical skills appropriate to the work environment of the organization. Advanced application: Work affects accuracy of multiple projects.

How To Apply:
Please fill out our Online Application by clicking the Apply button below:

Our office hours are 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday - Friday.

The City of Greenville will provide reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified individuals. The City of Greenville does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability status or age in employment or provision of services.
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