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Integrity Windows and Doors, Kim Carte, HR Manager: Integrity Windows and Doors has been in business in Roanoke since 2003. We have been fortunate in that we have been able to recruit and staff our hourly production facility through two open houses and employee referrals. However, over the past 2 years we have undergone a major expansion and change in business operations which opened up the need for management personnel. When we were approached by Joyce Waugh from the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, about NationJob we were somewhat skeptical due to the cost and the market it would target. Obviously there were alternative methods of recruiting that were free and advertising that was significantly less; however, given the fact NationJob interfaces with other websites and offers the ability to post our company information on their website we decided to proceed. It was one of the best decisions we made as far as a company as we had been recruiting for an Engineering Manager for over a year. We have since hired him and his level of expertise has been invaluable. Once the job was posted on NationJob we completed the interview process within a matter of a few weeks and were able to move forward. I would highly recommend NationJob to any employer that is looking for a pool of talent from which to choose. (01/15)

PDSI Technical Services, Inc., Carol Thompson, Staffing Supervisor: Look forward to continuing our relationship in the future, and again, if you want, feel free to use me as a referral for NJN, it is a cornerstone of our business here! (December, 2008)

N.Focus Design, Inc., F. Richard Flowe, AICP, President/CEO: "N.Focus Design, Inc. is a growing Planning, Design and Engineering firm. To create the best team we can to serve our clients means finding the right players.  The folks at NationJob have made this process very easy.  With just a few emails and phone calls they had created our web presence for career opportunities. After a couple of weeks our office started receiving the kind of quality applications we are looking for in this highly competitive field." Oct 2008

Adcor Industries, Duella M. Clark, Human Resource Administrator: "Adcor Industries is in their second year contract with NationJob and the service we receive is exceptional. Adcor has placed many different ads, even confidential, and received great responses. The majority of our hiring is done from the ads we have placed on their site. Thanks for all the good work, time and effort you put into making my job easier."

Adhesives Research, Inc., Sharon K. Denues: "As one of the initial subscribers to NationJob Network through the York Chamber of Commerce, I am very pleased with the quantity and quality of responses we have had during the 2000 in response to our openings. We have hired the Market Development Manager of our Pharmaceutical Business Unit through NationJob and our second choice in that position was also a candidate from NJN as well. NJN has enhanced our recruiting efforts and saved time and expense for Adhesives Research, Inc. I will continue to rely on this valuable recruitment tool in the coming years and look forward to the improvements and new features."

A.F. Leis Co. Inc., Joe Mueller: "I would like to thank NationJob for helping me successfully fill the position of Quality Engineer for our Company. I had performed an extensive search through newspaper advertisements and recruiters for a qualified candidate with no success. NationJob was my last resort, and within two days turned up a qualified candidate which I hired. From this it is clear that NationJob will be my first avenue on recruitment for my future requirements. Thanks again."

American Greetings, Barry Hay: "When we have an opening, we list the job and we have applicants almost overnight. An industrial engineering position received responses from Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas."

Applied Composites, Beth Albright: "We did place one person from your site this month- a plant manager for our Wisconsin plant. That was a pretty exciting thing for us as you are our first experience with web "ads". Hope we will be as successful with the others. We are satisfied customers and will recommend you anytime."

ATR Wire & Cable Co., Inc., Audie Baxter: "We posted positions for IS Programmers and Process Engineers, were very pleased with the BIG response of qualified candidates. It was easy to set up, got online quickly, and met all of our Internet needs. We will use the service again and recommend it to others."

Axis, Inc., David Philips: "Axis, Inc. has been using NationJob Network for less than 6 months. We have received excellent candidates on a daily basis and have hired several candidates. We are also pleased at the reasonable price for your service. Axis, Inc. plans to continue using NationJob Network for all of our employment needs in the future."

Axis, Inc., David Philips: "We began using NationJob Network near the end of 1999. Kim Turner explained how terrific this site can be. We initially thought this was a fairly small company and the benefits would be minimal. Kim Turner kept calling to convince us to give NationJob a try, so we reluctantly paid the fees and have been using NationJob since that time. We would like to thank NationJob Network and especially Kim Turner for convincing us to use this site. NationJob Network outperforms all of our other sites by a 2 to 1 margin. We advertise with Net-Temps and CareerExchange and neither site gives the results of qualified candidates and the amount of resumes that NationJob Network can. We would suggest this site to any recruiter or agency looking to improve their internet response from qualified candidates. We are also very happy with the customer service provided by your company."

Barco Simulation, Melinda Rinehart, Human Resource Administrator: "NationJob has been a great resource for recruiting for Barco Simulation in Xenia, OH. We recruit very high tech positions and we are finding very good candidates through NationJob. We have been able to hire candidates from 80% of the jobs we have posted on NationJob."

Bristol-Myers Squibb; Elaina Hoffman: "I just wanted to let you know that I have been very happy with the responses that we received from our posting (Territory Business Manager) on your site."

Burke Corporation, Dorothy Sally, Human Resources Manager: "NationJob offers us a strong web presence. Our company website links job seekers to our listings with NationJob, making our site easy to maintain. We are able to update our job listings regularly through NationJob so that information is always current. For this reason, we will continue to utilize NationJob."

Carpenter Technology: "In my opinion, NationJob is the only online recruitment service that understands our business. They have experienced professionals who help us maximize our advertising resources efficiently and effectively. The majority of quality resumes we receive are via NationJob."

Clark Engineers, Inc., Raylana Anderson: "We've utilized NationJob as a key part of our recruiting effort for at least a couple of years. As just recently occurred with an Engineering Design position, NationJob's flexibility in linking directly with our company web site lets people respond to open position announcements easily and directly. We like it! and it's been a success for us, on several occasions."

DENTSPLY International, Patrick S. Dye,: "I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" to the Chamber for selecting NationJob as the Internet recruiter of choice. Since DENTSPLY International joined NationJob in June of this year, recruiting online has been a pleasure instead of a chore. The NationJob web site is always updated quickly and it displays our open positions in a very professional yet easy to read format. The staff at NationJob, Stephanie Brock in particular, had provided us with top-notch customer service from the very first day. Not to mention, of course, the large selection of qualified candidates that we have received with every posting. Again, thank you. You made the right selection. I hope that more York County businesses will view this as their best resources in Internet recruiting."

Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc., Jeanine V. Riddle, Director of Human Resources: "Our job postings on NationJob have been a very successful tool in enabling Gray to hire additional personnel. Please remove the three job
openings we currently have listed. Thanks for your help."

Pete DeLuke & Associates, Pete DeLuke: "We actually placed two people in the same day--a design engineer and a an advanced manufacturing engineer--both from NationJob! I am very impressed with the results we've received."

B.F. Goodrich, Tom Riggs: "We hired two or three design engineers from a $75 job listing."

BarcoView, Inc., Margie Raimer: "I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I have been with the candidate response we've received from our NationJob postings. I have placed positions on some of the larger sites but the sheer number of replies (from qualified candidates) on NationJob far exceeds those other sites. In addition, the positions are easy to post since I can merely e-mail the description rather than having to fill in a form. Lastly, the customer service, when needed, has been very prompt and responsive. I am very pleased with your site and plan to continue to use NationJob as a core resource for BarcoView's recruiting efforts."

Berry Companies, Judy Worrell: "The first position we listed was one we were having difficulty finding ANY applicants for, let alone qualified applicants. Within weeks of putting the position on NationJob we interviewed and hired a person responding through (the service)."

The Coleman Company, Kim Johnson: "We hired a great production supervisor who sent his resume in through NationJob."

The Coleman Company, Inc. Renee M. Headrick: "We have saved thousands of dollars on advertising over the years because of NationJob. It's a great source for local candidates as well as non-local."

Commscope General Instrument Inc., Mandy Sipe: "We hired an Engineer referred through NationJob."

Competitive Engineering, George Hardy: "We listed Quality and Manufacturing Engineering positions as well as a Human Resources opening. We received more qualified candidates through NationJob than any other source we've ever used."

Cytec Fiberite, Inc., Cheryl Jennings: "We received 50-60 responses and hired a process engineer from a $75 listing!"

Dobbs-Stanford, Sharon Berg: "NationJob is very convenient to use, and an extremely effective means of recruiting."

E and E Display Group, Mona Tipton: "Please remove our listing for Project Engineer. We have had many submissions as a result of our posting on NationJob, thank you for your help!"

Enginetics Corporation, Carol Gibson: "I have placed two TOP quality candidates and am currently working with two more candidates. This medium is very easy to use and produces both quality and quantity candidates. Thank you all."

Entech Engineering, Inc: "Even though the company has not used NationJob very long, we have seen an increase in the number of responses that we receive for openings. The convenience of being able to post job openings and the ability for individuals to respond quickly to the postings has increased the potential to find good qualified candidates suitable to the available positions. Additionally, having a representative at NationJob that interfaces with the companies that use these services has been helpful. It is beneficial to have a contact person that can help with the technical aspects of web-based listings, as well as, other customer service issues. Unlike most web-based programs, NationJob is affordable to the small and midsize companies, as well as, large companies. In short, NationJob provides a value and service to its customers that other programs do not."

Enterprise Personnel, Sue Strange: "I want you to know how much I appreciate the personalized service that NationJob Network has given to me. NJN copies the job listings from my web site, reformats them, and distributes them...this gives my web site and my individual jobs widespread coverage with no effort on my part, and generates a large number of resumes that I would not otherwise have. Other distribution services require that I input each job individually, and I simply do not have the time to do that. NJN's service is a lifesaver for a small business like mine."

Excel Associates, Clayton Banks: "We've been serving manufacturing since 1968. We recently signed on with NationJob and were really impressed. The other sites we've used just stand in your shadow."

G&W Equipment, Inc., John Sabbagh, Sales Manager: "Finding highly qualified and experienced sales account managers is a difficult task. The top hitters do not respond regularly to conventional job seeking methods. G&W Equipment has found that NationJob in conjunction with your local Chamber of Commerce opens up the flood gates of resumes. G&W Equipment has been listing with NationJob for 2 years. As Sales Manager for the company, I receive over 20 resumes a week via email or fax. I can quickly qualify the resume/applicant and respond accordingly. I am very please to say that we have hired over 25% of regional sales staff from NationJob listings. NationJob has revolutionized G&W's efforts towards hiring new employees. We no longer place ads in the local newspaper. We are working to get a direct link from our web site to NationJob so they can handle all of our employment opportunities. G&W Equipment could not have asked for an easier and more successful partnership in recruiting new employees. It is comforting to know that every morning my email will give a hand full of new applicants. Thank you NationJob!"

Genesis Research, Dennis Lasini: "Genesis Research has been using NationJob Network successfully since July, 1997. We have been extremely pleased with the ease of posting, editing and deleting jobs. Their search engine, P.J. Scout has matched many candidates with our clients' needs resulting in numerous placements. Using NationJob Network has been a worthwhile investment for Genesis Research."

Glenayre, Bill Holden: "NationJob has been great for our technical positions. One senior engineering position we filled through NationJob was first listed with three search firms who couldn't make the placement. The savings from just that one placement were enough to pay for the program for years!"

The Glenwood Group, Frank Filippelli: "We have been very pleased with our job listings on NationJob Network. We've never had better results. We get more responses than all of our other site listings combined."

GPSA, Tom Martin: "Over the past two years, we have increased our use of the Internet in our attempt to identify good candidates for the many engineering positions we are contracted to fill. This has included subscriptions to many Internet sites offering services similar to NationJob Network. We have dropped every other service except NationJob for one simple reason: your site has consistently produced the best results. Your staff is efficient and the system there seems far and away the most effective way to find the quality of candidates we must have to do our job well. I can only say thanks, and keep up the good work."

The Hanna Group, Jack Hanna: "I ran an engineering position with a major automobile manufacturer. I received a resume from a Turkish engineer with no contacts in this country and made the placement. I clearly would have had no way to find him if we hadn't used NationJob."

The Haskell Company, Coleman Walker: "Within the first month of utilizing NationJob through the chamber, we have hired a Field Superintendent from western Florida and an Estimator locally. Our return on investment has been outstanding. In addition, the quality of resumes we have received has increased by over 40%. We are very pleased with NationJob, the value of service and ease of use. We highly recommend this service."

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc., Marie LeVan Lick: "HRG is a consulting civil engineering firm. We have been associated with as an advertising site for available positions within our company for over one year. Our needs are in locating well qualified Civil & Environmental Engineers, Landscape Architects, CAD Technicians and excellent support staff in the departments of Accounting, Administration and Marketing. has been a very good, cost-effectiv source to attract qualified candidates. Their advertising, service and data entry personnel offer a high level of customer support and satisfaction."

Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc., Jackie McReynolds, Staffing Specialist: "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and commend you for getting our positions posted quickly and efficiently on your site. It speaks very well for your service. Have a great afternoon!"

Ingersoll-Rand, Imes Chiu: "A must-have job board!"

Jefferson Regional Medical Center, Steve Beckham: "We've recently hired a nurse from Nova Scotia, Canada and a Facility Maintenance Engineer from a near-by community. NationJob works: it truly reaches local and international job-seekers alike."

Johnson Matthey Semiconductor, Karen Supple: "I would like to commend you for the fine work you have done on our behalf. The responses I have received as a result of placing my openings with you have been phenomenal. I have recommended your services without hesitation to other companies and will continue to do so in the future. Keep up the good work!"

Jones-Hamilton Co., Melva Wilson: "We had been using Career Mosaic, Hot Jobs, and others here in California and decided to give NationJob a try; (mostly because of the price, we figured we couldn't go wrong with just $95.00 for a 30 day ad). Were we ever surprised! We received triple the responses from NationJob for this particular position (sales) and have now sent in two other positions and I am in the process of sending in another. I'm telling all my peers what a great site you have!"

KASCO Corporation, David Neu, Human Resource Manager: "NationJob has been a great recruiting resource for us in finding good candidates for many hard-to-fill jobs, both locally and nationwide. Applicant response has been exceptional, and our ads seem to reach a diverse audience. We would highly recommend NationJob to any concern looking for a successful web site recruitment tool."

Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc., Ron Lamb: "Please delete the Kawasumi job listing for Product Manager. We have filled the position. The candidate came to us via - our first time to hire someone via your site. Due to the level and salary of the position, our savings compared to a search firm were substantial."

Lennox Mfg, Inc./ Marshalltown Iowa, John Croupi: "I have received tremendous response from NationJob, and may even end up with an Industrial Engineer because of it."

Link Manufacturing, Steph Regnerus: "Please let our Director of Sales and Marketing position expire. I can't keep up with emailing all of them letting them know we received their resume. To date we have already received over 60 resumes with 6 initial interviews and a great crop to pick from. Thanks!"

Lockheed Martin, Benita Taylor: "The fact that we have been happy to continue our sponsorship over the years is a great endorsement for NationJob."

Loris & Associates, Inc., Betsy Lehndorff: "We hired a Roadway Designer through NationJob. It turned out that he lived just nine miles away! We receive many qualified responses from your service and will definitely use it again."

Lou Michaels Associates, Lou Michaels: "We ran three thirty-day listings for a plant manager and manufacturing and quality engineers and received 60-70 quality responses."

Manpower Technical, Scott Fisher: "We've had good, steady results. A single listing for a Chemical Engineer resulted in 25-30 resumes in a matter of days. NationJob's staff is top notch: it takes almost no time to keep our listings current on-line: we don't even need a computer."

Marshalltown Trowel Co., Dick Hovey: "At Marshalltown Trowel Co. we have had great success with NationJob. In the last year we have had two hires from people who had not seen any of our print advertising but who contacted us through our NationJob posting. NationJob's Community Sponsorship Program has allowed us access to internet recruiting that is within our budget."

The McGill Group, Inc., Sharon McGill: "Recently, I've talked to several candidates who've said they prefer working with NJN over They feel your site is more user friendly and the PJ Scout part does a much better job of sending targeted positions to them. I also think you do a great job out there and promote other to use NJN all the time. Thanks for all your hard work and great customer service.

Mercury Marine, Sara Kottke, Compensation Manager: "I have to say that the partnership with NationJob, our Association of Commerce and Mercury works extremely well for our business and recruiting demands. The cost is within our budget to participate with other local businesses to buy-in to the program and it allows us to post every job we have to increase visibility for our Company and great job opportunities. NationJob is a well known website and I would anticipate our partnership continuing."

Metal-Fab, Inc., Dan Hamel: "We filled a Design Engineer position...a successful hire from a NationJob listing--THANK YOU!!!"

Michelin North America Inc. - Greenville, Steve Hunt: Since January 2005 we have hired 6 candidates through NationJob. 3 locally in Greenville and 3 for our other facilities. That is pretty good success and NationJob has been working very well for us.

Newport News Shipbuilding, Ruth Bertram: "In the nine months since we started using NationJob, we've hired at least nineteen people through the service."

Northrop Grumman PRB Systems, Sandi Hauenstein: "Thanks for your quick attention to all of our requests! I wanted to thank you for the information below and to let you know that we have decided to renew our sponsorship with you for 2002. We are in the process of issuing a check to pay in full. We hired 25 new employees in 2001."

Premier Search Associates, Dave Melzer: "The first placement we had through NationJob was a Process Engineer in Wisconsin; it went very quickly and meant $12,500 to us. We have a lot of activity going on through NationJob right now, a lot of candidates in interviews. We're very happy."

Roche Colorado Corp., Helen Kearny: "We will renew especially now that I found that one of our higher level positions we hired last year came from NJN. The investment is so little in comparison to the high recruiting fees we could have paid."

Sanmina Corporation, Debbie Boyd: "NationJob Network was quite beneficial to our recruiting efforts in that once I posted to our web-site, NationJob would pull our openings and automatically post our open requisitions. We got some really good candidates and the process was so systematic. NationJob has been very responsive to our needs. I look forward to a continued relationship as the economy improves."

Sensoray, Bill Tanner: "We hired an imaging software engineer, and also interviewed some quality candidates for marketing and power electronics engineering positions."

Skil/Bosch Power Tool Co., Pete Mechales: "I received 2 hires out of numerous responses in 2000/2001, one Project Leader and one IT Manager. Considering the cost of a Tribune ad, at $2,500 average, it's paid for itself and more hires are anticipated."

Stewart Felty Inc., Debbie Baker: "Since we signed on with NationJob, our feedback on individuals seeking employment has definitely increased, giving us a wide variety of skills to choose from."

Strine Printing Company, Inc., Vicki A. Wynegar: "I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you how pleased we are with NationJob. We are excited by the number of "hits" we have related to our open positions. The flexibility of the web site, combined with its design and appearance has attributed to some of our success. Our new CFO responded to our position posted on NationJob so we are delighted that it's working for all levels of employment opportunities. NationJob has been a positive enhancement to our recruitment efforts. "Kudos" to the Chamber for offering such a fine choice to assist members and specifically Strine Printing Company, Inc. with our recruiting needs."

Sony Technology Center, Lee Ann Cooper: "We had a need for software engineers, field application engineers, a product planning coordinator and senior business planning specialist. Through NationJob we filled several positions and built a solid candidate pool for the future!"

Spectra Logic Corp., Troy Bettinger, Chief Talent Scout: "In 6 months, we've hired three great people who found us on the NationJob/Boulder Chamber web site. One was a hard-to-find engineer, one in sales, and the last is a web graphic artist. Plus, our account rep Stephanie does a great job keeping our page fresh. This is an easy way to get broad exposure."

Symbios Logic, Inc., Sandra Hickman: "Thank you so much for the success we are having. We have made three hires through NationJob in the engineering area--a very competitive field."

Teknowcraft, Inc., Laura Vinson: "You can now remove our ad for "Manufacturing Manager" because WE FOUND A MANAGER! Thanks to you and your organization, we finally found the manufacturing manager we've been seeking for over 2 years. And we were very impressed with the volume of high caliber, qualified applicants we received. You Internet ad works better than any tool we've used. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Temple-Inland Forest, Donna Smart: "Referring our Custom Job Page to every job seeker that I come into contact with has resulted in hiring a local Environmental Engineer. This applicant signed up to receive my job postings through P.J. Scout's weekly emails. This feature has been very helpful, and continues to produce qualified candidates on a regular basis."

Thomson Saginaw Ball Screw Company, Elaine Sobieray: "We have had many applicants to our job postings. We recommended that all of the Thomson Group of Industrial Companies participate in the posting open positions on NationJob, and have recently accomplished that objective. The statistics you have provided to us on activity on the network have been of great interest to our management. Your staff has been very responsive to our needs and we look forward to continuing our business relationship well into the future."

TOPY Corporation, Jennifer Shields, Human Resources: "Most recently we've added a quality Engineer from NationJob. This makes 4 top level hires from us in a short time. We have received a multitude of qualified resumes and anticipate many more hires in the future."

Total Safety, Sharon Tessena: "We've received a tremendous response to this ad - both from "computerwork" and from local people looking for positions.

TRI-Industries, John Chrzanowski, Director of Human Resources: "I consider the NationJob program to be a success. We have recently experienced difficulty recruiting qualified CNC and Conventional Machinist candidates from the available labor pool in the surrounding area. NationJob has allowed us to successfully expand our recruiting base to a state and national level by allowing the job seeker access to our company. NationJob does a good job of following up with us to ensure the program is meeting our needs. The Company profile section also allows the prospective candidates to research our company prior to sending their resumes to us. The service provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiting methods."

(04/11/2001) Unison Industries, Chris Denault: "Within the first 7-14 days of utilizing NationJob, we filled one very tough position with an outstanding candidate. If quality of resumes is an indicator of performance, NationJob is above the rest. The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce should be applauded for setting up this very beneficial partnership. Thanks to NationJob and P.J. Scout!"

(02/08/2002) Unison Industries, Chris Denault: "NationJob continues to amaze! Quality of resumes received is top notch! The return on investment and time efficiency is outstanding! Thanks again to NationJob and P.J. Scout!"

URS Corporation, Verna S. Jones: "Perfect timing! The response to our ads with your site has been incredible. We have hired two candidates. We hired a Chemical Engineer in May and will hire an Archeologist next week. The resumes received from NationJob are very good candidates. We will probably make a few more hires from your site."

USA Staffing, Kelli Pallazzo: "I listed a job order for a chemist in Des Moines. Within one day I had a call from a qualified chemist in Louisiana who had grown up in Des Moines--and he even went to the same high school as the president of the company who placed the job order! This service is incredible!"


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